Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

Well I wish I could say it was a relaxing weekend but... well you know the drill.

Started off the weekend with my mom flying into town on Friday night. Then Saturday morning I helped Joey build about a 100' of fence. Thank god the weather was nice and overcast so it made the work a lot easier. As if that wasn't enough I decided I was going to plant some more iceplant, but about 1/2 way through that got pretty f'n tired so I decided to call it a day.

Sunday was fathers day started off with some Filipino breakfast (mmm... longanisa, eggs, garlic rice), then off to the zoo. Got to see the new elephant exhibit which is really nice. They definitely made it bigger and better for the animals but you can't get as close to the elephants so its kind of a bummer. Went to the Alamo in old town for some Mexican eatin, and back home.

Pretty full weekend but definitely fun...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Best Rat Poison...

Well last night I decided that I didn't have enough 1/2 finished projects so I decided that I was going to clean out my garage! If you haven't seen my garage you wouldn't understand the massive task at hand. So while going through boxes of crap that I felt the need to keep (things from high school, mini disc player, old magazines, etc) , I noticed that a mouse decided that this would be a great place to live... Little did he know that it would also be his grave. So what was this magical rat poison?


Yep nothing like a dead mouse covered in blue glitter paint, that he had eaten through the plastic container to get to. I also found later that night that red apparently works too!

I do have to thank that little guy for chewing up, peeing, and shitting all over stuff I should have never kept in the first place. I needed that extra umf to get me to throw it away. Only one thing I lost that I wished I could keep was a Dr. Suess poster from a book signing back in 86'.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick summary of the forgoten blog

Well I haven't been posting lately... No real excuses just a little lazy, trying to get back in a rhythm.

So here are the highlights of my world...

- Jordan moving on to 10th grade (god help us all he could start driving next Jan!)
- Wyatt still has more energy than anything on this planet
- Survived the layoffs at our work, but some people being let go and others leaving for greener grass things are only getting CRAZIER!
- My back is officially FUCKED! Going to chiropractor this week and actually taking a couple of weeks off of soccer (sooooo pissed)
- More yard work...
- Did a quick $20 restore on a free charcole smoker/bbq looks good as new! (pics and ribs coming soon!)
- of course more birthdays (Samin and Bella)

Thats all for now...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well today was... Scratch that this week was pretty crazy at work.

Management dropped the bomb on us that layoffs were coming and that our group was effected. Long story short I survived but my boss (one of the best I have had) did not... Kinda of sucks when you see people who do a great job loose there job when has to do with where they "line up" in the organization. At least the company is doing the people let go right by giving them a couple of months to find an internal job, and a pretty hefty severance.

Good luck to all those who were let go!