Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Got To Earn Your Vacation...

So my Pop's was in town visiting and always likes to help out. Well what started as laying down some mulch to help save this tree in my front yard turned into building 6ft radius circle planter box. Nothing like going on vacation to do yard work... Its about 90% done like everything I do, but I vow to finish this project! Cool thing about this tree is me, my dad, and grandfather all planted this together when I was 3. Pretty happy with the results, so check it out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend katchup...

So this weekend wasn't as relaxing as the last few but just as much fun... My dad is in town and so we did a little of everything. First was our amazing soccer win on Friday, in which I watched a shooting display put on by Neil (6 goals of amazement), Saturday did Balboa Park Merry Go Round and Train with Wyatt. Finally we did the Tour of California waited for about an hour to watch the whole pack fly by in about 40 seconds.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am boring... :-(

So the more I read Neils blog I realize that my life is boring... Tattoos, night time photos, drunken fun, etc... Me - work, clean, shopping and chasing babies. Now don't get me wrong it is awesome having kids, but the amount of time and energy you have left for your self is minimal. I am just now appreciating what my parents did for me!

Oh and on a political note lets here it for the idiots running the state of California! Gas wasn't quite high enough we are shooting for #1, so lets add 12 cents a gallon in taxes... Oh and if that doesn't make you poor lets make sales tax almost 10%!

Damn Canada is looking better and better...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend Update

So another weekend in the books and it was damn relaxing... Hung out on Saturday and hit up the farmers market and then did Motocross at the stadium (who said romance is dead!), Wyatt loved the fireworks and motorcycles but just couldn't make it through the finals. Played some basketball on Sunday and headed up to Warner Springs for Corrina's birthday and adult getaway. We started off at Santa Isabel Casino, which for being in the middle of no where is pretty cool. The downside was I played blackjack and haven't had my ass kicked that bad in a long time... 5 card 21, sixteen turned into 20's, oh yeah and my favorite back to back blackjacks. I guess loosing $40 isn't bad if lunch for 4 is only $30. So we pushed on and went to this winery in the middle of nowhere. You litterly have to drive up a dirt road to get there, and the winery is so small you could maybe fit 10 people inside. But I will say they had a couple of decent wines and were very friendly. We finally arrive at our destination Warner Springs Ranch, and of course there is some sort of mix up with our reservations, but we brought the enforcers Corrina and Bernadette so it got handled with minamal bloodshed. The rooms are nice and since we got joint rooms we could just walk back and forth, but it kind of freaked me out since there was no tv or radio. We had enough booze to get a Russian army drunk (Joey even brought some everclear) and of course some good food to BBQ. Had some drinks and appetizers and off to the hot springs, nothing like 30 degree weather and a pool that is 103. Only problem was we were smashed and loud and the 40 japanese tourists thought we were crazy.

Overall super relaxing, I would do it again. If you plan to do it make your reservations through expedia since they were $50 cheaper a night.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I O U... Taxes

Well just got my taxes done... Another successful year, but this year the wonderful state of California is broke so I will not see my money until May! I wonder if I could pull the same stunt if I owed them money...

My Letter:
"Dear State of California I am broke and cannot budget my money so I will get you the money in couple of months..."

State California Reply:
"Fuck you pay me! And for good measure here is a late fee to remind you who's boss..."

What the hell is going on in country? You swear we have retards running things... Oh wait we do!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YARO (Yet Another Re-Org)

As if work wasn't stressful enough they decided to take everyone put them in jar shake it up and pour it out and say this is the new organization. Although most of it makes sense and its probably better in the long run there is still the stress of the unknown. I am luckier than others since I get to keep my boss, but we do have a new director, but our job descriptions are still not set in stone or laid out. Plus our group gets to do the same amount of work with one less person.

I guess I should stop complaining since I have a good job still, and work for a company that is doing well in this economy. But some times you just have to rant...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Weekend Update

To avoid doing real work I have decided to post my weekend update...

Well Saturday was pretty uneventful, sat around until Bernadette got off work and went to Mitsuwa, I swear they were giving away food it was so damn crowded. Went back home hung out and worked on the infamous desk that will never be finished.

Sunday got up early went and played basketball up in Ramona, came home showered changed and went back to Ramona for a birthday party. Learned that Wyatt may be the only kid in history not to have any interest in an inflatable jumper, and that he is ready for his first bike/tricycle. Did some soup plantation for dinner. And apparently when people get all you can eat food they become idiots and forget how to watch their children. Went home hung shelves in my office and called it a night.

This was probably the slowest weekend I have had in over 3 months... It was amazing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ahhhh Day Off...

It was nice to have a day off and some what relax... Put the final coat varnish on the desk, cleaned up, lunch with Chin, hung out with Wyatt, got my 360 back from sdmods (great place to get a console modded or in my case fix the red rings of death on my 360), oh yeah I almost forgot my favorite the DMV...

So funny story about the DMV. Earlier this week I noticed that the Bernadette's tags expired on the Expedition, but we never got the renewal notice. Sure enough 2 days later the past due notice came in the mail and the damn late fee is more than the registration! Needless to say we argue about whos fault it is... And guess who is going the DMV? ME! Bernadette's friends mom works there and has waived the fee before, so she says to look for her (mind you have never met the mom or the friend). The starting description is a short filipino lady (well that is 1/2 the tellers at the DMV), then short hair, and then glasses. So no luck on the draw a get sent to this filipino guys window who has the most amazing Canadian Suit on and proceeds to joke about my last name and on top of that won't waive the late fees. So I decide not to pay and try to pick which lady is Bernadetts hook up... Its a 50/50 chance, so I go to the window and the lady looks at me like I am crazy (wrong woman), so I go talk to the other lady. She starts by looking at me like I am crazy and then lecturing me how its my responsibility and giving me additude, but then tells me to fill out some form. So I do and come back up, and the lecture starts again but she does waive the late fees so I cannot be to mad. Overall the most ackward DMV experience but its better than paying over $100 in late fees.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Wonderful Day At Work...

Another day of tax coverage... Since things have been so F'd up the decided that 10-10 coverage wasn't enough so now its 7am - 10pm. Nice 15hr days! Well at least it was quiet and I got a lot of work done. But the best part is I am off for the next 2 day + the weekend...

I should be able to finish and install my desk too!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am the champion!

Well this was a pretty good couple of days... Steelers championship and now last night we wrapped up our Monday night championship for soccer in dramatic fashion.

1st game get down 3-0 make a comeback the majority of it in the last 10 min to win 5-3.

2nd game get down 4-0 in like 5 minutes, decide to switch it up and put the Beige Bomber in net. Chipped away at the lead ended up winning 7-5.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well...

Besides the fact that I had to work 14hrs on superbowl sunday, I get the scare that I may miss the game! We have 60" plasmas all over the place at work, and in some locations directv but we don't pay the $5 a month for local channels (WTF!). 1 hour till game time and no idea what I am going to do... After hunting online, and a failed attempt to use a friends slingbox I figure that I am screwed.

I go upstairs and someone else at work has a sling box and is hooking it up to the TV (yeah!), but the quality was worse than standard definition TV (boo!). There are about 10 of us and some cold beer and chips I say this isn't so bad (yeah!), then the manager covering the shift puts the kabosh on the drinking (boo!). Game starts and Pittsburg is off to a great start and probably the most amazing play to end the half (yeah!), 2nd half starts and Pittsburg blows and 11 point league and is loosing with 2 minutes left (boo!).

So after all this crap I am now looking at going home to the hell I call my wife after Pittsburg blows the superbowl (boo!). Some how the Steelers manager to comeback and win!

My day had about as many ups and downs as the superbowl, but everything worked out in the end... Happy wife happy life.

Now just need to figure out how to pay for all of the superbowl champion crap my wife and son will want.