Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's new Mr. Magoo...

Well let see if I can get this blog back on track...

Well a lot has happened since I last posted
  • I have started to play rugby, and I have to say I love it so far. Still got a lot to learn
  • Wyatt has officially started soccer... Go Blue Rockstars!
  • Jordan is a Senior at PHS and looks to be starting on the D line and special teams
  • Painting the fascia of the house has turned into a lesson on roofing replacement and repairs
  • I have eaten everything put in front of me... Scales are starting to turn against me :-(
  • I am officially going to be old in a week...
  • And the return of FOOTBALL!!! 
Guess after my birthday it will be back to diet P90x and a cranky ass Derrick. Nothing like carrot sticks and grilled chicken to enjoy football... Hopefully I can keep this blog going on a regular basis!