Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog abuse take 2...

So I have a bunch of really good excuses of why my lazy ass hasn't been blogging every small detail of my life but none of them are really that cool... So here is what is new and exciting:

- Jordan got bumped up to Varsity and was starting center last week! To bad they lost 42-0
- Old school movie night... With the most amazing thing ever: Crazy Corn!
- Playing soccer for the first time in 3 weeks... To bad my back told me never try that again.
- Went to chargers game in style (luxury box seats!), in the box next to us was the actor Andy Garcia from the oceans 11 movies
- Oh yeah and I lost to my wife at fantasy football... and in my other league lost my 2nd and 3rd round draft picks!

Well time to get back to the grind...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My first geocache!

So today I decided to get off my but and hike to the top of Iron Mountain... While I was up there I thought that I would try this whole geocaching thing a try. Using my phone as the gps device and some free software, wala... I found my first cache!

Pretty cool, you are supposed to take something and leave something but since this was spur of the moment I wasn't really prepared, but I did sign in the log book. This cache has actually been there since 2004, so there were a lot of entries in the book, kind of cool if you really think about it.

I doubt I will be one of those hard core geocachers that try to find every geocache on the trail but I will definitely be picking a few more out and giving it a go.