Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update...

Pretty busy weekend...

Saturday got up a decent hour hit up the farmers market, and then started on some much over due yard work. Went to Home Depot on a sunny Saturday at noon (top 10 worst ideas ever), got some flowers to plant, rake (dogs ate the last one), and cinder block (to keep dog in the yard). Finally get home pick all the weeds, dig a trench under the fence to put the cinder block in, Jordan rakes up all the leaves, trash and dog crap (yes these dogs seem like the root of most house work) and 4 hours later done... Off to Filippe's pizza for NCAA basketball and to eat my body weight in Italian food. Needless to say I was worthless for the rest of the night.

Sunday even though it was raining I was determined to take Wyatt to the zoo... We got there rode the sky cars twice and decided that the rain and wind wasn't going to stop so we left. 20 minutes later the sun starts to crack through (F my life...). So we went to the next best zoo, Chuck Cheese mira mesa on Sunday. Yes I said it... WORST IDEA EVER! Wyatt had an absolute blast except for the fact he got stuck in the play tubes and could figure out how to get down, so I had to bribe a little kid to go up and get him. Went home and was lazy for the rest of the day.

Now back to work... boo!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Fatty's Day

Well another St. Patty's day in the books... Didn't do anything to crazy but Bernadette made some bomb corn beef and sauerkraut, which we completely devoured. After all of this eating over the last week or so I need to go on a diet... Naaaah!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

B's Birthday + St Patty's Day = Drunk

Well another 2 week long birthday extravaganza in the books. Yesterday was the big final with St Patrick's day parade, pit stop at nunu's, the worlds largest margarita's and dinner at Baja Betty's, and the icing on the cake good ol' Alibi. Overall a pretty good time, but next year we plan to take it to the next level and actually be in the parade! Details to come...

Will add embarasing pics later.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well I have been fighting off a cold all week, and Friday was the championship for our Friday night soccer league. The team we were playing has owned us for the last 3 or 4 seasons and we are going to be missing several of our players...

Was a great game, both teams played well. Only problem was the ref single handedly blew god knows how many calls and cost our team at least 3 goals, and probably a 4th. Not saying we would have definitely won, but it completely changed the entire game. So for the first time in history the MVP of a finals game is the referee!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Almost Perfect...

Well just got back from the perfect weekend... Almost.

Off to Phoenix, AZ (check)
Good weather (check)
Got the hook up on a nice hotel (check)
Good times with friends (check)
Suns vs. Lakers tickets (check)
Gourmet Meal for free (check)
Spring Training Tickets for the Padres (check)
Get home in time for soccer game (wha wha wha...)

And the wonderful reason for not making this game? After getting caught in 3 border patrol check points (not for illegals but drugs) I decided to pick up the pace... Coming down the 8, dark as hell, didn't see the highway patrol camped out on the side of the road. BASTARD!